International Journal of Education

Welcome to the International Journal of Education website. The Journal is the first international journal managed by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, which exclusively focuses on education. This first international journal is a part of the University’s strong commitment to education, which is expected to be the medium for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, information, and technology among experts and practitioners of education.

International Journal of Education is devoted to primary education, secondary education, higher education, teacher education, special education, adult education, non-formal education, and any new development and advancement in the field of education.

The scope of our journal includes:

  1. Language and literature education
  2. Social science education
  3. Sports and health education
  4. Economy and business education
  5. Math and natural science education
  6. Vocational and engineering education
  7. Visual arts, dance, music, and design education



2442-4730 (online)

1978-1342 (print)



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Vol 10, No 2 (2018): February 2018

Table of Contents


Mebratu Mulatu, Woldemariam Bezabih
10.17509/ije.v10i2.8461    Abstract views: 436       PDF downloads: 321
Alhamuddin Alhamuddin, Fahmi Fatwa Rosyadi Satria Hamdani, Dikdik Tandika, Rabiatul Adwiyah
10.17509/ije.v10i2.8536    Abstract views: 314       PDF downloads: 243
Abdurachman Abdurrachman, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto, Muchsin Doewes
10.17509/ije.v10i2.8861    Abstract views: 181       PDF downloads: 144
Adem Mohammed Ahmed
10.17509/ije.v10i2.9288    Abstract views: 181       PDF downloads: 154
Titing Magfirah
10.17509/ije.v10i2.8028    Abstract views: 424       PDF downloads: 331
Ni'mal Fuyudloturrohmaniyyah
10.17509/ije.v10i2.6851    Abstract views: 163       PDF downloads: 168
Jumahir Jamulia
10.17509/ije.v10i2.1631    Abstract views: 380       PDF downloads: 227
Nizamuddin Nur Ramadaniawan, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto, Siswandari Siswandari
10.17509/ije.v10i2.8618    Abstract views: 160       PDF downloads: 137
Muhamad Nova, Westi Haryanti Utami
10.17509/ije.v10i2.8605    Abstract views: 151       PDF downloads: 150
Zakir Hussain
10.17509/ije.v10i2.7592    Abstract views: 412       PDF downloads: 226
Erly Wahyuni