Exploring changes in preservice English teachers’ motivation to enter the teaching profession in the context of policy change

Basikin Basikin


Motivation to become teachers is believed to be a predictor of quality teachers’ professionalism. Particularly in language teaching, teachers with good motivation will support the teaching of English which is considered difficult by many students. However, changes in policy about Education qualification requirement might affect preservice English teachers’ motivation to enter the teaching profession. This study seeks for answers on how this change affects preservice teachers’ motivation to enter teaching profession. Data were in the forms of responses to questions related to participants’ initial motivation and the motivation at their 8th semester. They were collected using an online open-ended survey with links distributed via emails or WhatsApp to 400 English Language Education students. Two hundreds and ninety-nine students (response rate of 74.75%) filled in the survey. The data were analyzed qualitatively by coding and labeling the responses following the types of regulations proposed by the Self-determination Theory (SDT) of motivation. Findings suggest that 48.2% participants reported their initial motivation as  Extrinsic, 41.8% Fallback Career, 1.7% Amotivation, 7.4% Intrinsic, and 1% Altruistic. Significant changes from Fallback Career to more autonomous extrinsic types of regulation were identified, where 75.9% participants reported Extrinsic Motivation and 6.0% Fallback Career  at their 8th semester. Findings about high initial fallback careers imply the needs for careful selection of language teacher education programs. The fact that fallback careers change implies the hope for future teachers’ better practices, which in turns improve the English teaching in the classrooms.


Motivation change; motivation to enter teaching profession; preservice English teacher motivation; self-determination theory

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17509/ijal.v13i3.66926


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