The use of contextual teaching and learning approach on students’ analytical exposition writing skills

Adzkiya Noor Ifadha Rahman, Maneerat Ekkayokkaya


The implementation of contextual teaching and learning approach has been widely used in English writing instruction in Indonesia. However, there is still a lack of study exploring the efficacy of applying Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) approach to teaching analytical exposition writing. Therefore, the study aims to look into the effects of CTL approach on the achievement of eleventh grade students’ analytical exposition writing skill and students’ perceptions on the advantages and challenges toward learning with the approach. The participants were 35 eleventh grade students with mixed-English ability. The method of study was mixed method research which employed quantitative and qualitative instruments. The quantitative instruments were analytical exposition writing pre-test and post-test, and three questionnaires. In contrast, the qualitative instrument was semi-structured interview. The findings of this study indicate that the contextual teaching and learning approach significantly improves students’ analytical exposition writing skill at the 0.05 level. In addition, students also revealed to have positive perceptions toward the CTL approach as it could provide them to write analytical exposition text with the topic that was relevant to their real-life experience, thus making them to have strong understanding of the topic and good content knowledge. To sum up, this study can provide valuable insights for writing teachers to tailor their instruction and writing lesson in analytical exposition text to align with students’ real-life experiences. As a result, students’ comprehension of the subject matter and its relevance can be greatly improved. Thus, it is advisable that contextual teaching and learning be encouraged to be applied in the classroom to assist students’ improvement in writing analytical exposition texts.


Analytical exposition; contextual teaching and learning

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