Submission Status

DearIJAL's  Contributors,

The editorial team thanks you for your submissions and contributions to the Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics (IJAL). Currently, IJAL receives between 120-200 manuscripts every three months, and it makes the process of initial screening, reviewing, and editing longer. The waiting time for your submission to be processed in the initial review is between two to three months, depending on the number of the manuscript we have received.

Once you submit your manuscript to IJAL via the journal web system (only online submission will be considered), the status of your submission will be AWAITING ASSIGNMENT, meaning it has not been included in the INITIAL SCREENING stage. Once it has been passed the initial screening stage, it will be REVIEWED thoroughly by at least two reviewers, and another decision will be made ("accepted", "minor revision," "major revision," or "declined"). 

  • For minor revision, the manuscript will be edited comprehensively.
  • For major revision, the manuscript will be asked to be revised and resubmit, or if the editorial board believes it offers a novelty or significant contribution to the knowledge of applied linguistics, it will go to the editing process.
  • For the declined manuscript, it will be archived.

The journal only published manuscripts that have been successfully through the editing stages, and there is no acceptance before completing the editing stage.

We are looking forward to receiving your contribution to the Indonesian Journal of Applied Linguistics.

Sincerely yours,

IJAL Editorial Team