Most Cited Articles

Most Cited Articles - Updated October 2019
TitleCited byYear
Learning Solar System using PhET Simulation to Improve Students’ Understanding and Motivation
EC Prima, AR Putri, N Rustaman
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Applying Pre and Post Role-Plays supported by Stellarium Virtual Observatory to Improve Students’ Understanding on Learning Solar System
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The Effect of Multiple Intelligence-Based Learning Towards Students’ Concept Mastery and Interest in Matter
WNW Pratiwi, D Rochintaniawati, RR Agustin
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Using Inquiry-based Laboratory Activities in Lights and Optics Topic to Improve Students' Understanding About Nature of Science (NOS)
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The Impact of Problem-Solving Model on Students’ Concept Mastery and Motivation in Learning Heat Based on Gender
AU Putri, L Rusyati, D Rochintaniawati
Journal of Science Learning 1 (2), 71-76, 2018
Posted: 2019-08-01